Arcsight interview question

Q1. What  is SIEM?

Ans-Security information and event management.

A security event is a change in the everyday operations of a network or information technology service indicating that a security policy may have been violated or asecurity safeguard may have failed.

Q2. SIEM deployment.

Ans-The logs is collected by an connector.The log source could be an network device , an endpoint etc.Then the collector normalizes, filters events and then forwards logs to manager.

Q3. What is an Manager in Arcsight?

Ans-Manager is an heart of an SIEM(here it is arccsight) where all the main processing takes place.It correlates event , process events.

Q4. Function of an arcisght connector?

Ans-An arcsight connector recives logs. Normalizes events using normalization, filter events.After collecting event data from network nodes, they normalize the data in two ways: normalizing values (such as severity,
priority, and time zone) into a common format, and normalizing the data structure into a
common schema. SmartConnectors can then filter and aggregate events to reduce the
volume of events sent to the Manager, which increases ESM’s efficiency and accuracy, and reduces event processing time.



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